Named one of the Top 3 Electronic albums of 2016 in the OWM Music Radio Awards. Qualified for Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album categories in the Zone Music Radio Chart Awards

Under a Second Moon

Daydream Alley was released on July 4th.  Although technically more complex than his previous work, the instruments and engaging melodies flow together to create an addictive musical experience for the listener. 


"New age music by definition is intended to help create introspection and positive feelings," Holland says.  "But I've never believed that it has to be introspective or subdued in and of itself to do that."  This album does all that, from dreamy and introspective to beautiful and energetic. 

  Under a Second Moon is moving, melodic and varied, and supports the listener in taking a journey into their own life's experiences.    Holland's ability to use a multitude of different instruments to create haunting melodies and emotional songs makes this an album to be played over and over.  Released on August 25th 2017, the album hit the Top 10 Radio charts in both Europe and the United States, and has been nominated for multiple awards.

Circles of 8

Flight of The Windmill, Holland's first solo album, was acclaimed by reviewers as "unique, memorable new age music."  Inspiring and thoughtful, it was an impressive debut release.  Saxaphone is featured on two of the cuts, and it highlights the diversity of the sounds Holland is willing to use to create his melodic instrumental music.

This album also debuts what has become one of Holland's signature sounds - the use of synthesizer as the featured lead instrument.  Although synths have been used to play leads in rock and pop songs since the seventies, Holland was one of the first to make the synth a melodic, featured instrument throughout a song, much like guitar is frequently used in today's music (click on "Free" on the Home page).  This sound, and others helped to expand the boundaries of new age music.


A Presencce of Three Minds

Releasing on August 30th 2019, Holland's most recent album is already being called "absolutely magical", "full of power" and "one of the most compelling and dynamic instrumental recordings of the year."  It is a true work of art and musical journey for listeners.  Pre-sales are already available on Amazon, ITunes and more!

Daydream Alley

Holland Phillips Discography

Circles of 8 was released in 2016, and named one of the 10 best Contemporary Albums for that year, and also nominated for Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year.  More introspective than his previous albums, Holland explored the harmonics and vibrations and how they relate to each other, and how they all affect human emotions.  Melding a variety of genres into a beautiful tapestry of music, while keeping his beautiful, haunting melodies at the forefront.

Flight of the Windmill

Holland's second release delves deeper into the sounds and melodies that have become distinctly Holland.  Rich orchestral music with rock/pop elements and unforgettable melodies wind through this 14 song new age album.  Holland brings his synth lead sound to the forefront in the haunting Janice Rains, showing that synthesizer can be as expressive and meaningful as traditional lead instruments.  Also on this album is a song called "The Quest", where voices can be heard in the intro.  Originally released in 1995, this is one of the first new age songs to include voices.   Although commonplace in today's new age music, back then it created quite a stir, and Holland was warned not to include it.  He did it anyway.

New Age Music By Holland Phillips © 2019 All rights reserved.

Holland's seventh album doesn't disappoint.   His most ambitious work to date, it is cohesive, melodic, lush and memorable.  Released mid-September 2018, this album received rave reviews and was nominated for Piano with Instrumentation Album of the Year in Europe.

Redemption was Holland's third release.  In this, he explores the edges of new age and contemporary instrumental music, winding from introspective (as in Sophia's Song) to moving and powerful (as in Powertalk).  Mastered by Randy Merril at Masterdisk in NYC, this album is dynamic, sometimes intense new age music.

Leaning Toward Home

The following is a sampling of the many places and stations that play Holland's music:

Music Beyond Words - Denver

WGMX - Florida

WKNH 91.3 fm - Keene, NH

KALA - Iowa

CKWR - Canada

WFCF 88.5 fm - Flagler, FL

WLVE - Miami

KLSY - Seattle

Radio Interdual

Musical Starstreams

103.3 Princeton

In the Dark Radio

Radio Arcadia - Totonto

WIIS - Key West

WWUH 91.3 fm - Hartford, CT

WDJW 89.7 fm - Somers, CT

WAPJ 89.9 fm - Torrington, CT

WWSP 89.9 fm - Wisconsin

KTEP - El Paso, TX

KZUM - Lincoln, NE

WAWL - Chattenooga, TN

Holland's music also plays on stations in Russia, Belarus, Spain, Costa Rica, England, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, France, Denmark, Brazil, Peru, and a host of other nations!