A Momentary Pause - Review by Steve Shepard

"A Momentary Pause is Phillips' ninth release and another perfect collection of wonderfully worked pieces from the artist, whom with each album becomes more creative as time goes by, as well as more colorful in texture and tone.  A Momentary Pause will be one of those releases that will enrich your mood, and possibly even be the soundtrack to your life's journey in reflection, it is that good."

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Eleven After Midnight - Review by BT Fasmer

"Holland Phillips' album Eleven After Midnight - which released today - contains eleven incredibly well-made and fascinating pieces that show just how artistically stimulating nighttime can be.  From Lights Off to At Night's End, it is a voyage into a world of grand ideas, romantic ballads, and significant moments recorded for eternity, thanks to Holland's synth brilliance.  Make room in your playlist because this album will stay the night."

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Eleven After Midnight - Review by Dyan Garris

"One thing that really stands out about Holland's compositions is that they are structured and flowing, passionately played, with great movement, intricacies, and details we don't find everywhere.  This is all very special, much like those wee hours of the evening between midnight and dawn.  Bravo, Holland."

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A Momentary Pause - New Age Music Guide

"Holland Phillips has a unique ability to capture the magic in everyday moments.  He makes us see the world with ne eyes and each of the albums is like a journey.  This year's 'A Momentary Pause' takes us from 'Upon Awakening' to 'Bedtime Prayers'.  It truly is a day to remember.  Phillips has delivered a melodic and highly optimistic release that deserves to be on several "best of 2020" lists.

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"When I put on a new Holland Phillips album, I know for a fact I will not be disappointed.  A Presence of Three Minds is a thrilling musical journey by one of the finest artists on the New Age music scene today."

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A Presence of Three Minds - New Age Music Guide