This is an algae bloom in Lake Erie in 2014.  They have been appearing in many other places as well, from Des Moines Iowa to the Gulf to Florida. 

Holland believes that the health of the planet and all of the living things in it boils down to one thing - water.  And even though we need it to exist, we are quickly losing our grasp on clean accessible water because of chemicals, pesticides, sewer discharges and plastics that we inadvertently (or purposely) put in our lakes, rivers and oceans.   Holland focuses much of his spare time trying to make a difference, so that our water supply remains (or returns to) the valuable resource that it is.  He attended as the featured artist at The Marathon Reef Sweep in the Florida Keys, where divers cleaned debris and fishing line from the reefs while music from Holland's Flight of the Windmill album was piped to them underwater. 

Holland also supports the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate the use of single use plastics, which end up in our rivers and streams, and eventually into marine life.  It is said that unless we stem the tide (pun intended) that plastic debris in our waters will outweigh all the fish in the world's oceans by the year 2050.  Please do your part to make sure this doesn't happen.

Saving Our Water

Holland Phillips

                                                                        New Age Music By Holland Phillips © 2020 All rights reserved.

Water is our most precious resource.  It is instrumental in  keeping all living things alive, including animals, food sources and all of us.  Yet we have a tendency to forget how valuable it is, and and either waste it through excessive use or pollute it, either  through lack of attention or intentionally.