The Moment - From the Circles of 8 album

New Age Music by Holland Phillips –

"Blending rich and lucid synthesizer voicings, from organ swells and oceanic swells to smooth lead trumpets and tastefully sampled percussion instruments and basses carrying well composed rhythmic parts, his work is forthright and engaging."

"The music is well orchestrated and has more than enough motion in it to transport you to a better place."  Synth Music Network

Sophia's Song - from the Redemption album

"You ever get that feeling when you put an album on for the first time, that once the music has started you're in for a treat?  Right from the opening note, this one grabs the heart, mind and soul."  Don St. Clair, Soundmind Magazine

Lost - from the Redemption album

"I'm very pleased with this album.  He has a well trained musical style and compositional ability which makes this a cut above the rest."

Epilogue - from the Castles album

Red Rock Canyon - from the Castles album

Music and Videos- by holland phillips