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holland phillip's ability to blend new age music, contemporary instrumental and light jazz transcends traditional new age music definition.  Explore this site to learn about the artist.  Listen free to tracks from albums.   Lose yourself in your daydreams.  You'll find yourself humming the melodies long after the songs have ended.

  Music By Holland

holland phillips is a multi-instrumentalist composer and musician who has been creating new age and contemporary instrumental music since the eighties - music that inspires, and resonates with the soul.  He creates ambient music that incorporated elements of jazz, classical music and rock, and creates engaging, memorable and melodic new age songs.  Classically trained with a degree in music composition, holland also continues to write for television and movie soundtracks - his work has been heard on everything from radio to daytime television shows to underwater concerts to airline music channels.

"His work is forthright and engaging - a cut above the rest,"
 Heartsong Review.

 "A very listenable album, great playing, great variation, and some melodies along the way that will leave you begging for more."  Soundmind Magazine
"I love his playing his albums.  They help calm my kids (and me) down after a hectic day."

"This is more than new age music.  It's an escape."
   Synth Music Network

"Pop this one into your CD player when you're in the mood to huff a little contented sign and know that all is right with the world."  The New Times

"On tunes such as these, Holland proves that new age music need not be wimpy."  The Bergen Record

                                   holland's Latest Release is Available Now!
Redemption, holland's newest new age album, was released in 2013.  From introspective to powerful, this album showcases the breadth of holland's musical abilities, and expands the boundaries of traditional new age music.  Click here to read more about it.
Castles, holland's 2nd album, showcased his development in new age melodic style.  Instrumental pop with elements of ambient jazz and classical, this album goes deeper and farther than the first, while still maintaining those unforgettable melodies. Saxaphonist Paul Christiansen (formerly of the Michael Stanley Band) plays on two of the cuts, Castles and Friday Nite Jam.
holland's first solo album, Flight of the Windmill, was released under the Gorilla label and manufactured by EMI/ Capital.  Played in rotation on new age, jazz and world music radio stations across the U.S., it was acclaimed for its unique style of music. Paul Christiansen played saxaphone on the title cut, and tenor sax on the jazzy 33rd Street.(see '

Upcoming Events:

Look for holland's newest album, scheduled for release in June 2015!

Quotes from others:

                  "Absolutely spectacular new age music."
                                                          WGMX radio, Florida

                  "Songs that'll melt your speakers and your heart."
                                                          WJER Radio, Ohio

"New age music that's emotional, gripping, and packaged
                   in a popular format."
KLSY, Seattle

Where does holland's music play?

holland's music is played or featured on stations and programs such as:

Music Beyond Words - Denver
WGMX, Florida -
103.3 Princeton University, New Jersey
WIIS, Key West -
Radio Relaxo, Toronto
WJCT, Jacksonville
KALA, Iowa -
Radio Arcadia, Toronto
CKWR, Canada -
Boombox America
WLVE, Miami -
In The Dark Radio
WJER, Ohio
WAPS, Ohio
KLSY, Seattle;
Radio Interdual
Musical Starstreams, syndicated new age music program

holland's music was featured in the Marathon/Key West Sombrero Reef Sweep III, an annual event where music is played underwater as divers clean the reefs of fishing line and trash.  The new age music concert was simulcast on WGMX radio at the same time.  His music was also featured on American Airlines In-Flight music programming, United Airlines In-Flight music programming, and others.
Music downloads are available from,
CD Baby, iTunes and others!

                                Discography - New Age Music releases by holland

              Click on the images above to hear free tracks from the albums, and get album info!

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