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Holland believes that the health of the planet and all of the living things in it boils down to one thing - water.  And even though we need it to exist, we are quickly losing our grasp on clean accessible water because of chemicals, pesticides, sewer discharges and plastics that we inadvertently (or purposely) put in our lakes, rivers and oceans.   Holland focuses much of his spare time trying to make a difference, so that our water supply remains (or returns to) the valuable resource that it is.  He attended as the featured artist at The Marathon Reef Sweep in the Florida Keys, where divers cleaned debris and fishing line from the reefs while music from Holland's Flight of the Windmill album was piped to them underwater.  Holland also supports the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate the use of single use plastics, which end up in our rivers and streams, and eventually into marine life. 

Powered by themes you can touch emotionally, Phillips keeps the ideas flowing as easy as the melodies – kind of like the Mississippi without the pollution.  Tasty stuff for those looking to look a little within for a while.”
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Under a Second Moon was Holland Phillips' sixth release, and showcases the artist's amazing ability to create haunting melodies and rich new age music where, as one reviewer put it,  " Each track seemingly blends into the next, gently beckoning your soul to participate in this atmosphere of sounds, textures and wonderlands of the mind.

This amazing album hit the Top 10 charts in the United States and Europe, has been nominated for Contemporary Instrumental of the Year at OWM Radio, Song of the Year, and qualified for Album of the Year and CI Album of the Year at ZMR.  

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“Sweeping musical fusion colors the listener’s imagination about past and future possibilities, connecting a sense of wonder with dreams of boundless optimism.  Highly recommended.”
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"Once again a melodic New Age album that transcends borders, and takes you on a journey toward good feelings."

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Daydream Alley 

Named one of the Top 3 Electronic Albums of 2015


Daydream Alley, Holland's 4th album, was released on July 4th, 2015.  It reached  # 9 on the ZMR Top 100 Charts for radio airplay, ran on the Top 100 charts in Europe for 5 months, and was rated #55 out of 4000 New Age albums for 2015.  It is playing in Great Britain, Denmark, Australia, France, Russia, Spain, China, most of South America and across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  From beautiful to powerful, this album adds another dimension to instrumental music.   

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Want to listen while you check out the site?  Click on the music player to hear almost an hour of Holland's music, in no particular order, from a number of his albums, including his most recent,Under a Second Moon.

  • Etude in D Minor3:57
  • friday nite jam3:51
  • After Dark3:24
  • Lost3:45
  • reprise4:34
  • Powertalk4:35
  • Two Pianos3:55
  • Free3:52

This is not your typical new age music.  Holland Phillips creates beautiful instrumental music that defies categorization.  Some call it New Age, Contemporary Instrumental or Dream Pop, others say it's Electronic or energetic Ambient music - in fact, Holland's music has been nominated or won numerous awards, including Song of the Year (2016, 2017), Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year (2016, 2017), Best Electronic Album of the Year (2015), Album of the Year (2014), and more - yet somehow his music remains somewhat uncategorizable, a position Holland is unapologetic for.  He uses everything from new age, jazz, dream pop, electronic, classical and rock in his creations to weave rhythmic and melodic tapestries into unforgettable songs that inspire, and support healthy vibrations and good feelings within the listener.

Holland creates songs and melodies that are richly melodic, sometimes rhythmic, yet always stay in the listener's mind for a long time.  His songs support good feelings and healing, and appeal to those young and old, and even those who are not New Age music afficianados.  He regularly receives feedback from mothers who use his albums to calm their children, therapy leaders who play his albums in therapy sessions, musicians who are inspired to create, and others who listen to the music calm their souls after a busy or stressful day.  His music can be heard on New Age radio stations, sleep radio, on airline in-flight music, and has been synchronized by Warner Chappell for use in television and film.  This is New Age and Contemporary Instrumental music at its best.

    Holland Phillips

Rich, Melodic New Age Music for the Soul 

Leaning Toward Home Releases Worldwide

Leaning Toward Home, Holland's seventh release, hit the streets this September.  His most industrious and cohesive album yet, this one holds eleven beautifully written tracks, full of the lush orchestration and haunting melodies that Holland has become famous for. Already touted by reviewers as his best work to date and at #4 on the New Age radio charts in Europe,  this one is an album to remember. 

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Other Albums by Holland:

It's All About The Water

Holland's 2016 Release

Save The Dance

Named Track of the Year

Holland Phillips released Circles of 8 in August 2016.  His 5th, this album is slightly more introspective than his previous ones, focusing on the lush orchestration and the beautiful melodies he is known for.   Highly acclaimed by reviewers, it reached #6 on the Top 100 ZMR radio charts, and #8 on the OWM Radio music charts in Europe.  It was nominated for Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year at One World Music Radio, and a track from it - Save The Dance - was named Track Of The Year.  Look for it online or in stores!

"“The man is a magician on the keyboards." 

Keith Musikman Hannaleck

Other Albums by Holland

“If you enjoy new age music, but are just a bit tired of solo piano, world-flavored ditties or ambient drone, give this one a listen for something full-bodied and enjoyable.”
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Under a Second Moon

"“Absolutely spectacular music."  WGMX Radio

"Under a Second Moon is a classic piece of contemporary instrumental music that will raise the bar for all to come."

Steve Shepard

One World Music Radio

" Under a Second Moon is a tale, a place where anyone cane escape to.  If it's fantasy or real, or just a space in time for you to recharge your batteries, it is available through this music." 
Keith Hannaleck

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