"The music is decidedly upbeat, uplifting, forward moving, and positive."

                    Dyan Garris, New Age CD

"It is a voyage into a world of grand ideas, romantic ballads, and significant moments recorded for eternity."

BT Fasmer

“Each track was a different shade or color, a variation of moods that danced with the music. It all made me feel invigorated, joyous and glad to be alive.”
New Age Music Reviews

"A classic piece of contemporary instrumental music that will raise the bar for all to come."

                Steve Shepard,  One World Music Radio

Quotes From Holland's albums

11th Album Releases September 23rd

“Sweeping musical fusion colors the listener’s imagination about past and future possibilities, connecting a sense of wonder with dreams of boundless optimism.  Highly recommended.”
The Library CD Music Shelf

Multi-instrumentalist Holland Phillips' beautiful instrumental music defies categorization.  Call it New Age, Contemporary Instrumental or Dream Pop, or even Electronic.  Whatever you call it, Holland uses keyboards, flutes, electric and acoustic guitars and pianos to weave rhythmic and melodic musical tapestries into unforgettable songs.  His music has been nominated or won numerous awards, including Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year (2021, 2019, 2017), Piano with Instrumentation Album of the Year (2018, 2020), Song of the Year (2016, 2017), Best Electronic Album of the Year (2015), Album of the Year (2020, 2014), and more.  His music can be heard in over 120 countries on radio stations around the world, sleep radio, on airline in-flight music.,  This is New Age and Contemporary Instrumental music at its best.

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Eleven After Midnight Hits #1 on Amazon New Release Chart (2021)

"Whoever those Three Minds of the title are, their presence has inspired one of the most compelling and dynamic instrumental recordings of the year."

                      The JW Vibe

Holland's eleventh album is set to release worldwide on September 23rd.  The artist typically writes and records between the hours of Midnight and dawn's light, and that helps him produce singularly addictive melodies and soundscapes.  Not your typical New Age music,the album includes everything from soft and romantic songs all the way to intriguing and powerful.  Not to be missed, this album is heartfelt, personal and engaging, and it sets a new bar for instrumental albums in the New Age and Contemporary Instrumental genres.

Holland Phillips

 " Under a Second Moon is a tale, a place where anyone can escape to.  If it's fantasy or real, or just a space in time for you to recharge your batteries, it is available through this music."   

              Keith Hannaleck -     New Age Music Reviews