Announcing Holland's 2016 Release

Circles of 8

Circles of 8 was released on August 26th, 2016.  His 5th, this album is slightly more introspective than his previous albums, focusing on the lush orchestration and the beautiful melodies he is known for.   Highly acclaimed by reviewers, it is currently playing in more than 19 countries.  Look for it online and in stores!

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“If you enjoy new age music, but are just a bit tired of solo piano, world-flavored ditties or ambient drone, give this one a listen for something full-bodied and enjoyable.”
                                                Music Discussion

"Holland Phillips is one talented fellow."

                                            Music Discussion

" The music is well orchestrated and has more than enough motion in it to transport you to better places.  Moving between combinations of jazz, classical and pop, Holland uses electronic waves, classical piano and some interesting playing..."  
Synth Music Network

His first album, Flight of the Windmill, was released in 1994 under the Gorilla label.  Subsequent releases include Castles, Redemption, and his new release Daydream Alley, all on the Ageless Records label.  Daydream Alley was released on July 4th, 2015.

Check out the new video from Circles of 8 - a track called The Moment.

"Sweeping musical fusion colors the listener's imagination about past and future possibilities, connecting a sense of wonder with dreams of boundless optimism."

                              Midwest Book Review

Daydream Alley 

Named one of the Top 3 Electronic Albums of 2015


Daydream Alley, Holland's 4th album, was released on July 4th, 2015.  It reached  # 9 on the ZMR Top 100 Charts for radio airplay, ran on the Top 100 charts in Europe for 5 months, and was rated #55 out of 4000 New Age albums for 2015.  It is playing in Great Britain, Denmark, Australia, France, Russia, Spain, China, most of South America and across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  This new album adds another dimension to instrumental music.   

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Music Player

"Absolutely spectacular music."WGMX Radio.

Want to listen while you check out the site?  Click on the music player to hear almost an hour of Holland's music, in no particular order, from a number of his albums, including his most recent, Daydream Alley.

  • Etude in D Minor3:57
  • friday nite jam3:51
  • After Dark3:24
  • Lost3:45
  • reprise4:34
  • Powertalk4:35
  • Two Pianos3:55
  • Free3:52

Some call what he creates New Age, others Contemporary Instrumental or even Electronic music - in fact, Holland's 2015 Daydream Alley album generated nominations and qualifiers for awards in all those categories. - yet somehow his music remains somewhat uncategorizable, a position Holland is unappologetic for.  "Because of all the experience in so many different genres, I tend to worry more about how the melodies and instruments fit together, rather than worry about what category the song might eventually fit into.  It gives me a wider palette of sounds and styles to work from."  With all that, he is able to create songs and melodies that stay in the listener's mind for a long time.  "In the end," he says, "it's all about the melody and  how it makes you feel when you hear it." 

Classically trained, Holland studied everything from modal scales to Chopin to the Beatles.  That, along with years of touring with southern rock and classic rock bands, as well as show bands and studio work in a variety of genres, gave him the breadth to blend a variety of styles into a memorable, unique musical style.

Holland Phillips

"Circles of 8 provides an immersive listening experience as stimulating to the mind’s eye as to the ear in its blend of expressive melodies and visionary soundscapes."
            Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

"I admire any artist that can take a blank canvas and create something so beautiful and that is exactly what Holland does on Circles of 8."
    Keith Hannaleck - New Age Music Reviews