"Absolutely spectacular music." WGMX Radio.

Want to listen for a while?  Click on the music player to hear a half hour of holland's music, in no particular order, from a number of his albums.

  • Free3:52
  • friday nite jam3:51
  • After Dark3:24
  • Lost3:45
  • Powertalk4:35
  • reprise4:34

"Music that will melt your speakers, and your heart."            Bruce Whitsell, WJER Radio

Classically trained, holland studied everything from modal scales to Chopin to the Beatles.  That, along with years of touring with southern rock and classic rock bands throughout the eighties gave him the breadth to blend a variety of styles into a memorable, unique New Age musical style.

holland phillips  is an American born musician and composer who has been recording and producing New Age music since the mid-nineties.  His first album, Flight of the Windmill, was released in 1994 under the Gorilla label.  Subsequent releases include Castles, Redemption, and his new release Daydream Alley, all on the Ageless Records label.  Daydream Alley is scheduled for release this summer.

Music By holland

  • after the fire4:52

"New Age music that's emotional, gripping, and packaged in a popular format."  KLSY Seattle

Listen to Selected Tracks from holland's albums:

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" The music is well orchestrated and has more than enough motion in it to transport you to better places.  Moving between combinations of jazz, classical and pop, holland uses electronic waves, classical piano and some interesting playing..."  

Synth Music Network

holland's music remains firmly in the New Age venue, but he also incorporates elements of Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental, Chill and even Jazz  to create songs and melodies that stay in the listener's mind for a long time.  "In the end," he says, "it's all about how it makes you feel when you hear it." 

  • Lost3:45

"His work is forthright and engaging - a cut above the rest." Heartsong Review

"Fortunately, it doesn't really fit into any other category than good."  Soundmind Magazine

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